Hike to Bijli Mahaved Temple

Itinerary: Kullu – Bijli Mahadev – Kullu

Duration: 1 day

Price: 2000 rupees in case of one person, 1000 rupees per person in case of more than one person

Min group: 1 pax

Included: guide service, car to the start of the hiking

Excluded: transportation to Kullu, meal, insurance

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The temple of Electric Shiva (Bijli Mahadev) is located at an altitude of about 2460 m above sea level. It is one of the oldest temples in India. The temple stands on top of a mountain that offers spectacular views of two valleys: Kullu and Parvati and the nearby mountain ranges.

The itinerary consists of a trip by car from Kullu to the starting point, the trip takes about an hour, and climbing the steps for about an hour and a half. The ascent is relatively gentle and, with stops, is accessible to any untrained person. On the top we walk, relax, enjoy the views. You can take food and fruit with you for a snack. Then we go down and drive back to Kullu.

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