About Us

Our travel company Yak Track LLP is registered in Kullu. We specialize in travel in the Kullu, Spiti, Lahaul and Kinnaur valleys.

Why Yak Track?

  • Indian guide with 10 years of experience (local resident) and Russian assistant.
  • We travelled many countries and have an experiece with many different people.
  • Our team is helpful and friendly.
  • Our indian guide can answer all your questions about local culture, tell local legends and you can visit traditional family of this region, try local food and even receive master-classes on local cooking.
  • Extensive connections in the region, thanks to which we will be able to provide you with the desired accommodation option, the necessary equipment and transport.

Our Team

Bholu Mahant

Guide, driver

A local resident of Kullu, a farmer, a climbing instructor, an expert on local legends and traditions, a guide with 10 years of experience, has traveled to different countries, and has extensive experience in communicating with foreigners. An excellent cook and expert in local cuisine, gives cooking classes on local dishes to foreigners. A driver with 20 years of experience, including extensive experience driving a car in extreme conditions.

Elizaveta Lyolina

Guide, manager, programmer

An experienced traveler from Russia, an entrepreneur, a programmer, a book publisher.

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